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The Role Played By Social Media In Marketing


Social media provides a platform to marketers to communicate with their customers and friends. In simple terms, social media is word of mouth communicated digitally. Marketing, on the other hand, is selling products and services to targeted customers and consumers. In today’s century, ninety percent of the people worldwide use social media. Social media has played a bigger role in marketing since most people use social media to market their products. Most of the people use social media to market because they can reach a wide range number of clients worldwide and overseas.45tyjtre

Roles social media has played in marketing

1. Easily interact with your customers

Through social media, you can communicate with your customers worldwide. Since communication is made easier, you get a better understanding of what your customer needs and get tips on how to improve your product to something better. You can acquire knowledge on how to manage your marketing strategies better.

2. Fast response to problems

Social media provides you with a platform to get and access both the negative and positive comments and feedback to enable you to act accordingly. With the feedback you get, you have a clear picture of the state of your product and services if there is a problem or not, it will help you take immediate action to solve the problem. Experts say that companies should not that customers trust and appreciate companies who respond to customer complaints. Social media will give you that platform to respond to your customer complaints faster.

3. Sales

When you meet your customer’s needs, and they are satisfied, they are more likely to purchase your products more. Through social media marketing, People are more aware of your brand and keep the name at the front of your targeted customers. This improves the sales since they have a clear idea of the incentives they are buying.

4. Brand awareness

45tyhgfreSocial media marketing makes your brand known and highly recognized far and worldwide. Social media makes your business more accessible to new customers. Finally, social media creates channels to reach a bigger number of customers worldwide where you can’t reach. It is believed that a company that engages social media creates royalty from its customers. Companies should consider marketing their product in the social media tools to be able to connect and interact with customers more. This will help the company to learn strategies and tips on how to improve their product and service to make their brand recognized due to its quality products.